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Never Again Feel Alone On Your Journey Inward!

Even if you feel like it's impossible that you will ever connected to other people again...
Dear Soul,
I know how it is for you. It’s tiring, exhausting and debilitating trying to find people who understand you. While you have dedicated your life and soul to healing your deep core wounds, traumas and fears… Everyone else seems to be stuck in the Matrix.

They are desperately craving the next material…

The next fake, insincere relationship…

Are addicted to entertainment…

People don’t truly understand you because they are so used to wearing the mask, the image that society wants them to wear.

You could call them being indoctrinated into the culture or The Matrix sort of speak and don’t even realize it…

Meanwhile those same people have a million and one expectations for you that if you don’t fulfill then they try to make you seem inadequate… Instead of focusing the foundation of their life on peace they would rather binge watch the next Netflix series that will just be a temporary pleasure.

And again they make it seem like there is something wrong with you because you have chosen to break the chains of the insane society.

Instead of temporary pleasure you choose healing. Instead of inauthentic relationships you choose to be alone to better know yourself.

Instead of trying to fulfill all of the expectations of the Matrix you choose to find to feel fulfillment within yourself already.

Instead of needing to be entertained all day you choose to find solace in things like meditation and yoga. You generally know yourself but you still feel like there is something missing. And that my friend is community.

Deep in the human psyche you know how refreshing it can be to be alone
…but at the same time you know you belong in a community.

You know that you just like everyone else deserve to have human connections with people who understand you.

And it truly hurts you when people drain you with their toxic energy and so you force yourself to be alone… It's exhausting with their narcissistic tendencies, so you isolate yourself… It’s down right tiring when they always feel like there is something ‘wrong’ with life…

So you do what's easiest, you create a wall to protect your energy… It seems difficult for you to open up, to be vulnerable towards people in your life because there is so much judgment.

They are either trying to fix you… They are trying to tell you what you should do… How you should be, think, feel…ETC But what you truly want in people is just their full presence. No judgment, no labeling, just pure clean energy.
And the truth is… You know that deep down this is what you truly want and that this is what YOU truly deserve.

Self-Love seems to come easy to you and as a part of that self-love also means you know you deserve a community who vibrates love in every sense of an imagination.

Well, you’re in luck!

Because that community is here for you today, right now.


Inner Wealth Tribe 
Facebook Community

A growing Facebook Community all dedicated to finding the greatest wealth on earth that there is. Inner Wealth.


However, what good is a community if there is no engagement?

What good is it if there is no coming to understand your true nature with all that is?

The Inner Wealth Tribe is NOT just a community.
It’s also a place to come learn from myself.



Hi, this is Matthew Donnelly

I know exactly what you’re going through.

Back in 2015, I knew that I was missing something. Not just from the people around me, but also from within myself.

I knew I could not just sit and blame the world. I knew deep down that I needed an inner transformation as well.

Which is why I decided to dedicate myself to looking within.
I’ve meditated well over 2,500 hours the last 6 years. And as a result have helped hundreds of people come to find their original nature, that of one with peace.

So on top of a growing thriving community you’re also going to receive

Bonus #1: Mini Digital Course

“Watch The Inner Wealth Freedom Course Right Inside of The Group”

Value: $497

When it comes to finding true inner wealth in the form of unshakeable, unbreakable inner peace it’s all about building a strong inner foundation. You will be able to watch this 12 Module Online Course right inside of the group.

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Bonus #2: 2 Micro Blogs Per Week

“Quantum Acceleration In Inner Growth Through Written Stories”

Value: $497

Throughout the past 6 years I’ve come across many challenges to which I’ve applied what I’ve learned on my Spiritual journey directly to those challenges and watched how it led to peace right before my eyes.
You will be receiving two of these stories per week to put your success towards inner wealth on quantum speed.

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BONUS #3: 1 Meme Per Day

“Short Quick Tips To Set Your Day Up For Inward Success”

Value: $97

I’m sure you don’t have all day to be on Facebook. And nor are you going to spend every moment you are on Facebook Inside of Inner Wealth Tribe. However, it doesn’t mean that they don't deserve The Benefits That Can Lead To True Inner Peace. That’s Taken Care of Because You Will Be Receiving 1 Daily Quote From Me That Will Help Keep Your Mind At Ease Throughout Your Day.

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Bonus #4: 1 Video Reel Per Day

“One Video Reel Per Day Keeps The Stress Away.”

Value $497

Lets face it, the 2023 version of the Internet are TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, Facebook & Instagram Reels.

The best way to receive the information that will reveal to you the generational inner wealth of a lifetime will come from short video reels.

These 7 - 15 second videos will be perfect for your day when you’re just scrolling on Facebook to show you your way towards a stressless, worry less day.

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Bonus #5: Facebook Live 1 Per Week

“Dive With Me Into The Deepest Part of Your Being.”

Value $1997

There is indeed a limit to short form content. And that is oftentimes it will leave out much context. And there is only so much that it can do for you to paint you the whole picture of what it means to live a peaceful, joyful, serene lifestyle.

This is why you will get the best of both worlds. Pairing with the short form video content you will be receiving much longer Facebook Group videos in the form of Facebook Lives so that we can really dive deep into how to find true inner wealth.

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TOTAL VALUE: $3585.00

But I’m not going to ask you to pay that, 
I’m not even going to ask for $197/m  OR $147/m
OR Even $97/M
But my final price for Joining Inner Wealth Tribe along with these Cool Bonuses is only


RISK FREE money-back Guarantee

If you’re unsure then check this guarantee out.

If you’re not absolutely blown away by the content to help you reach freedom inside of the group within 60 days, then you will get a full refund, AND you can stay in the group at your own will. It’s zero risk free.

I’m completely certain that you will see the deepest, most profound transformation in very little time that I am more than willing to refund you your full payment.


Watch What Others Are Saying

Deeply Imagine This

On a majority of days you get up feeling fresh, rejuvenated, replenished and totally alive.
Ready to tackle the day.

No longer do you feel weighed down by other people's energy…

You no longer have expectations of your day-to-day relationships…

A heavy weight has been lifted because you’re no longer wishing people to be other than the way that they are…

You’re no longer as affected by the narcissistic toxic energy of people who have been unhealed…

Now that you’re a part of a community…

…you’re now getting the positive, uplifting, pure energy that you so wished from people in your daily life…

You now have a community that supports you on your bad days…

A community that's free of judgment….

A community that’s free of having expectations of you…

A community that will just allow you to be absolutely and totally you…

But not only do you have a community…

You now also have the support from myself and my teachings that….

If you allow them deeply in…

…you will have the greatest transformation of a lifetime.

You will find the true wealth of a lifetime…

Because the truth is you have won the lottery…

I’m not talking about the financial lottery which pales in comparison to true wealth…

You have been sitting on gold inside of yourself…

You have had a diamond in your pocket…

You just need someone to help you see the heavenly glory that is already inside…

Need more proof? Watch what other soul-seekers have to say…

If you’re ready to take no risk, a 60 day full guarantee on this community of a lifetime then let's see you inside so you can make your first welcome post!

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